Friday , April 16 2021

Stats update w/e 29/7/18

Top Rated Top rated 79/498 -48.19pts betfair SP after 5%, -89.43pt industry SP 5f 17/84 +15.25pt, +4.2pt, 6f 13/92 -34.36pt, -37.87pt Cl4 or better, rating +10 to +19 20/144 -5.05pt -42.87pt, Cl2 or better, rating +10 to +19 7/40 +15.61pt, +5.75pt 3y-o (since R.A) 16/61 +10.63pts betfair, +2.48pts industry SP 0-9 rating 26/166 -8.65pt 10-19…

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Gary Kelly

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NH Stats updated w/e 16/2/20

top Rated Performance Top Rated 71(173)/475 -66.21pt bf -107.03pt industry 0-9 22/124 +1.71pt 10-19 41/279 …