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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 14/06/19

Two of the five meetings yesterday were called off, 19 non runners at Nottingham and the race times indicating that too should have been called off. The 26 non-runners at Yarmouth suggests they only raced because those on the caravan site next door would have had nothing to do all day if they had not.

Newbury was the only safe place to bet and those Market Movers came up trumps again.

I was really pleased to see the Market Mover that is in my list of 20 for the Tracker winning yesterday. SAPA INCA now has form figures for this season reading: 2, 3, 2, 2, 1 and on that third run, he was beaten just a short head.

I’ve been asked a few times what members are supposed to do with those 20 horses. They should not be treated in the same way as the 20 to Follow because the Tracker horses are simply handicappers, who were given three runs as juveniles, obtained a handicap mark and were then put away for this year.

They will all hopefully win in their turn but as you know, handicappers very rarely win two on the bounce and their trainers are tasked, once they have won, to getting them to win again at some point in the future.

It could be that when they move in the market, that’s when we can bet them with confidence? I’ll be going through the list come season end and we’ll get some data from them and see if we can apply it next season.

The list of Market Movers again produced a profit, as the screenshot Andy sent me shows:

Nearly £70 more in the pot, just from Market Movers. We really have been able to gather some diamonds from the dirt this week.

I showed Karen that last night and her response was, “is that all?” I got my calculator up on my phone and multiplied that figures by 365, then showed her the result….£24,820….that made her eyebrows raise, I can tell you.

Obviously that will not happen (not from Market Movers alone), but let’s suppose they were worth a daily average of 50% of the profits made yesterday, that’s still £12,410 which, as she said right away, is more than she earns per year from her three day a week job at Clatterbridge hospital.

I think we will all agree, there is potential in these Market Movers and I intend exploiting it.

Today is our last day on Anglesey and we leave here tomorrow morning by 10-00am. I’ll be in my office for 1-00pm.

This evening I’ll settle down to work on tomorrow’s racing but if I’m of a mind it’s safer just standing by and letting it happen, that is exactly what I’ll be doing. Bath race tomorrow and if you need an accurate indicator as to how bad this weather has been, you just look at their going description.

They cannot get water up to that track and so it is generally as firm as firm can be. Right now, good to soft, good in places. They have had 51mm of rain hit them this week….seems they got off light!!

From this afternoon, the rains are set to leave us alone but it’s going to take a few days for the ground to drain and give us proper summer racing ground again. So, we wait. No point whatsoever trying to guess, or assume anything.



35mm rain Friday 7th. 16mm Rain Monday. 2mm Tuesday. 11mm Rain overnight. Forecast: Rain continuing through the morning turning patchy this afternoon (5-10mm) Friday-Showers from Midnight, clearing by lunchtime with possible patchy rain late Afternoon (3-8mm)


Rainfall of 3mm early hours of Friday morning following dry Thursday making 19mm this week. Met Office forecast: Friday – band of rain passing through region on Friday morning – generally light but with some heavier pulses, then due to turn generally drier during afternoon with a mixture of brighter spells and showers,14 degrees.


60mm rain Monday. 5mm rain Wednesday into Thursday. Further 2mm rain to 3pm Thursday. Further showers, mainly light, always possible next 48 hours.




20mm Saturday, 2mm Sunday, 8mm Tuesday, 26mm overnight to Wednesday morning dry thereafter. Thursday – 6mm since midnight. Cloudy, rain clearing north thro’ morning, becoming brighter, poss. showers later 14C Friday – cloudy, poss. rain first thing, brighter spells with showers later 3mm 14C


24mm rain on Friday. 11.8mm rain on Monday One light shower Tuesday (0.8mm). 4.6mm rain Wednesday, An overcast and blustery day today with the risk of showers, 2-4mm, Friday looks dry with good sunny spells.

I’m not prepared, at all, to produce Ratings based on what you read above.



1-40 – DASHING POET – 7/2 > 11/4
2-10 – MARSHAL DAN – 5/2 > 7/4
3-20 – COUNTERFEIT – 13/2 > 9/2




3-45 – HERCULEAN – 5/2 > 6/4
4-50 – RHYTHMIC INTENT – 7/2 > 11/4
4-50 – HTILOMINLO – 13/2 > 11/2
5-25 – SPARGROVE – 6/1 > 7/2


8-35 – SHE’SASUPERMACK – 4/1 > 15/8
9-05 – SMITH’S BAY – 5/4 > 10/11


8-15 – APERITIF – 7/1 > 4/1
8-45 – HEREBY – 3/1 > 7/4

A few more to be working with today and hopefully a bit more profit coming our way.

Have a great day.

Kindest regards


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