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Today’s Ratings and Market Movers 27/06/19

It is really fascinating watching the markets during the day and yesterday I “knew”, at least two hours before a race, the name of the winner.

Unfortunately, we had an overnight Market Mover in there that drifted, whilst POSITIVE was smashed off the boards, 4/1 > 13/8 and won by five lengths @ 6/4.

At Carlisle the race I was dubious about because of the fact three trainers had entered more than half of the 17 runner field saw one of those trainers win it with a horse backed on track from 25/1 > 14/1.

We are though, doing things the best way we can. The overnight Market Movers are producing profit for us and each day right now is making for compulsive viewing.

Those early Carlisle rated races had set us back and at just turned 3-30pm Andy advised me they were £292 down.

I said I’d expected that and that if Salisbury and the Market Movers didn’t do anything for us, we’d take a beating…..but they did….and we didn’t.

The last three MM’s at Bath all won, we’d made ground up prior to that and we came out the other end with a nice profit on the day.

This is as much about “bottle” as anything else. Holding your nerve when you get a bad result, sticking to the plan and if you can do that, then we win.

I got up this morning to find an e-mail from a member….

“Hi Ron,

Hope alll well with you, writing to say it has taken a while for me to make the decision but I’d like to sign up for a share in your Clover Club.

I’ve been a member on and off for a few years but only recently had the time and discipline to use your work properly (along with AG, who also provide a great service) and I’m finally getting the hang of it, the biggest lesson for me to learn being sticking in there when things go bad early in the day, e.g earlier in the week I bailed on the last which would have got me out of a hole, that won’t happen again, today I stuck with it and turned things round.

I’ve also made the classic idiot mistake of leaving out a 30/1 (or whatever it was) shot from a dutch, that then comes in, that won’t happen again either !

I know the layers will pay for it but I seem to remember a while back you said there was the possibility of setting up a standing order…..if I’ve remembered that right how about £100 now and Jul 19 to Sep 20 standing order 15*60 = £900.  If you are in need of more up front please do say so.

Cheers for all you do, the chit chat in the emails is entertaining enough on its own !”

Rich, I’ll get back to you this morning, sir.

The number of people that have done exactly the same (not backing horses because of their SP, or stopping when losses make them blink), are numerous….I keep all my e-mails!

I’ve never yet known a horse know what price it is going off at. Bookmakers make mistakes….plenty of them, too. We are working with handicaps and they are, by their nature, set up for the occasional big priced winner.

For anyone else looking at getting involved in the Clover Club, please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to work with you any way I can, to get you on board.

Today again looks “tricky”….it’s been one of those weeks, as we move from soft ground too quick ground….but this month we’ve done great and can take a losing day.

Have a great day!

Kindest regards


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