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Today’s Rating and Market Movers 01/09/19

I have to laugh. After explaining to you just how crazy a nap selection in the Racing Post of PINK ICEBURG was, it is now a Morning Market Mover….5/1 > 7/2

Unsurprisingly, it’s the only one….that first race on the card is the only race interesting anyone….including me.

Like I say, I’ll not be betting a brass farthing today. Dodgy sums it all up very nicely.

I’m now going to concentrate my efforts on finishing the Fantasy Horse Racing document, that will explain to you just how it will benefit Clover Club members financially.

I’m also now looking at setting up the Cheltenham website again, in readiness for the new season starting. I’ve already provided a 16/1 ante-post horse for the Arkle and we’ll have got those stakes back off that horse, before we get anywhere near March.

So, short and sweet….Chepstow and Windsor tomorrow and, bearing in mind just how brilliantly Hexham has been earlier this summer, I may even produce work for that meeting.


If any Market Movers are found in Rated races, simply set up the dutch in those races, as usual.

For all Market Movers not in a Rated race, play 20/80 to the maximum number of places that enables you to obtain a profit from that play.

Highlighted are those overnight Market Movers that have kept attracting support since the morning Newsletter went out.


2-00 – THEGREYVTRAIN – 9/4 > 15/8


These are the horses “for money”, since you received the first Newsletter.

You should consider utilising them in the same way you do the overnight Market Movers, when applied to rated races.


2-00 – PINK ICEBURG – 5/1 > 7/2


The races below should treated in the normal fashion.

Your starting point is the top three rated horses for a dutch.

When we have a Market Mover in any of those rated races in this section, that fall outside my top three, create a dutch 4.

If you have a bottom rated favourite in any of those races below, create a dutch 4.

Keep a close eye on 3-y-o’s trading 7/1 or shorter. If one exists, consider including it in your dutch. If more than one exists, select the highest rated.



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