Thursday , January 13 2022

Post Racing Market Movers add another 20pts profit in a week!

Gary Kelly, the Post Racing stats man, has been on top of our new system since day one of the flat season.

Right now the points profit from this section alone, to a level point win stake = 160.69pts after 5%, to BFSP

The last five weeks alone have added an average of 10 points profit, per week, to the pot:

PROFIT TO W/E 11/08/19 = 109.37PTS
PROFIT TO W/E 18/08/19 = 119.57PTS
PROFIT TO W/E 25/08/19 = 128.19PTS
PROFIT TO W/E 01/09/19 = 140.67PTS
PROFIT TO W/E 08/09/19 – 160.69PTS

Another 20 points added last week!

Just think, at £10 per point, a profit of £1606.90 has been achieved (May 1st – September 8th), and for no effort at all.

To subscribe to Post Racing simply visit the website and select the package you feel suits you.

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