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Catching My Eye – 23/09/19

After what was a stellar weekend for Catching My Eye and Tony Davidson’s football tipping, today we have nothing to report.

No point having a bet, if no bet genuinely exists and that’s the case this afternoon.

I have refused to even look at Hamilton because of the weather front moving through and so, we’ll just take a break from betting today.

What I am doing right now is finalising details of The Clover Club. Everyone will receive full details today as to what is being provided and if I’m honest (and I am), if this does not appeal to you, then nothing I ever do will.

What I would like to do today is advise you pop a horse in your trackers.

In October 2017 a Galileo filly was sold out go Book 1 for 4,000,000Gns

She was sent to John Gosden and has clearly taken a long time to come to hand as she’s still an unrated 3-y-o.

A couple of times every week since that sale, I’ve looked to find details of her.

She was named MARIA DANILOVA but until today, any attempt to find her entered for a race has come to nothing but now, she is active.

I imagine we’ll see her within the next month and your guess will be as good as mine, as to whether she will ever live up to that price tag but I for on e cannot wait to see what 4,000,000Gns looks like, on four legs.

Get her in your trackers now.

Tomorrow we have Beverley to work with and my figures generally produce the goods there. Hopefully something also catchers my eye and we can make a few quid from it.

Have a great day!

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