Catching My Eye 30/09/19

The last day I produce flat racing Ratings.

From tomorrow we switch codes and in my subscription Newsletter tomorrow we start covering all weather Market Movers.

I’ve the names of three horses from the Irish PTP field that went for big money in May and they go in the trackers.

If anyone really wants to betting on flat racing taking place on mud today, you go right ahead.

I’ve told my members that one horse in my Rated races at Hamilton has my “guts” going and the fact it is also a Market Mover is also making it interesting.

In here though we only discuss those races I’m not working on and it’s at Bath that things are looking pretty weird.

Again, my members were advised of one running in the 4-10pm there that has been punted off the boards….BAHKT A RAWAN.

That critter was 33/1 when the markets opened last night….now best price is around 5/1.

At the same meeting one has also attracted loads of money since the markets awoke at around 10-00am.

EKAYBURG – 11/1 > 11/2….trained by David Pipe, first run following a wind-op, first run in headgear, it’ll be interesting to see if that support holds up, or whether that thing of Hugo Palmer’s (DEBONNAIR), starts “moving”.

Personally, I’m watching only. I might….might, get drawn in to that one at Hamilton causing my guts to rumble but Ill need to see how bad that ground is before even considering it.

Have a great day!

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