Catching My Eye 02/10/19

Pretty pleased with that result for this section yesterday despite the Rule 4.

Lots of racing to look through today, including the pair of all weather fixtures this evening but the first horse catching my eye is KAPSIZE, running in the Huntingdon 2-05pm.

It has not been lost on punters that the horse has blinkers reapplied for the first time since arriving from France, where he won all three races over fences wearing them. Running first time after a wind-op, too.

The trainer is also in form….three winner from 12 runners in the last two weeks.

Huntingdon again has one winking at me….JOEY STEEL (3-10PM)

Christian Williams is turning into a shrewd trainer right enough and since he switched from riding them he has sent three here for handicap steeplechases…..won with two of them.

This horse makes handicap debut today and he has booked James Bowen to ride. He rides this place superbly (six winners from 19 rides), and Christian Williams has provided him with three rides in that time….he has won on two of them.

He is being nibbled at in the market right now….12/1 > 9/1 and looks a 20/80 based on stats alone.

The front two in the market might well find the ground now turning against them and I can see this horse shortening.

On the all weather I’m very interested in YA HAYATI, who was withdrawn recently having acted up in the stalls. He was well fancied that day and everything points to him running a huge race this evening.

The three draw is perfect, the trainer /jockey combination here of Appleby/Buick, have a stunning 36% strike rate (24 winners from 66 runners), and Appleby only sends horses here when they are “off”….33% strike rate, all runners.

Consider taking out a subscription package with Post Racing because the facts/stats do not lie.

Market Movers have been stunning. The figures outstanding and these are the final numbers for those, to a level point win stake:

MM (evening movers) 315/1105 +180.31pts BFSP after 5%
MM (rated races) 71/251 +83.63pts BFSP

Those figures relate only to Overnight Market Movers, so the Newsletter you have received before 7-00am every day (except yesterday! ?), has produced, to a level £10 stake, a profit of £1803.10 between May 1st and September 30th.

Works out, roughly, at a daily profit of £11.79 each and every day of the flat season. If that was maintained for a year, an annual profit of £4301.51….an average monthly income of £358.46.

I have received e-mails and messages from many people seeing these results on Social Media, asking me if I have a package that contains only those Market Movers. Nope, I do not. Will I produce one? Nope.

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I have posted this weekends games up on the Forum


As usual, all you need to do is predict the result….home, away, or draw.

Nobody has won this for weeks now….just visit the Forum to place your entries.

Best of luck today!

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