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The Free Stuff 29/11/19

I had started sending out the free daily Newsletter using my usual systems and a few contacted me to say they didn’t want to receive daily notifications so I have now opted to simply use the website, which will send out a Newsletter only to those that have subscribed for this one you are looking at now.

We only have racing from Newbury today but what a brilliant meeting that is! It means finding a bet to pay for anything (we’ve hit a brick wall there this week!), is difficult but one I hope will cover the fish and chips tonight is CHAMP (Newbury 2-25).

Hardly an original selection but he should hopefully get a run going for us.


I have now placed my TEN TO FOLLOW lines for my subscribed members and it’s not to let to become one of those and share in any prize money won….if we are lucky enough to win some!

Several of you have signed up to The Weekend Club and you’ll have a couple of lines running for you, if you are signed up by noon tomorrow.

To subscribe for any package, please visit this link – PACKAGES

I’ll post our lines up on the website once the entry lines are closed and you can compare notes.


Have you entered yet?

The games are up on the Forum – CLICK HERE TO ENTER


Just predict five results….home, away, draw….but please post your predictions on the thread….nowhere else ‘cos I ain’t going looking for them!


Last night I received the video Willie Mullins promoting his new Racing Club and it will now sell out very quickly.

I have two shares already bought….done and dusted. They have been paid up for the next 12 months.

One of those shares could be yours and whoever wins it will go racing during the winter and summer, as horses have been brought in that fit the bill.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this brilliant prize is make a donation to one of the four racing charities we support. Once you have done that, you forward your receipt to me, I then introduce you into the databases for my 2020 Specials plus, you receive one ticket for the draw, for every full month you are subscribed.

So the sooner you make that donation, the more tickets you have in that hat.

You will also go into the draw for the table for four people at The 2020 Cheltenham Festival.

Every single penny received for my 2020 Specials from now onwards, goes to charity so please, get involved and lets make a bit of a difference.

Please CLICK HERE to make your subscriptions


I’m meeting him for lunch today and will be doing everything I can to get him to restart The Goal Posts.

His ability to produce winning football tips is unbelievable. Last week one subscribed member called him the Maestro…not wrong….he is that and more.

I cannot let him do it for nothing other than you guys and gals buying him a beer when he gets it right (it’ll do his liver no good at all anyway!), and he should be doing more and, making a living from doing it, too.

Right now he does a day job, produces one or two games of a weekend, when he fancies them, and keeps getting it spot on….although he did get it wrong a few weeks back. One member e-mailed me after last weekend to say he was actually glad he had got it wrong, because it proved he was human!

I’ve seen first hand the work he puts in producing the work he does and it’s extensive….which is why he gets it right so often.

I’ll ask him what he’s planning for tomorrow but it will be in your inbox by 12-30pm.

I’m going to leave it there for today but as this develops you’ll be introduced to additional links to things going on, on the website.

Best of luck today!

Kindest regards


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