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Today’s FREE Stuff 13/12/19

I was very happy to get two of those four I provided yesterday, into the winners enclosure but but the best piece of information I sent out to my subscribed members was ANNSAM, who went in @ 14/1.

I had made a note to check that horse out in the market yesterday morning as I’d seen a bit of interest in it and the 25/1 opening show was certainly attracting someone.

When I got up yesterday morning it was 15/2, so I advised everyone it was most definitely a “mover”.

More than happy to then see the drift….and the horse winning.

Today I’ve again been held up because of the weather and I point blank refused to finalise my Ratings until I had accurate going descriptions.My work went out at 10-30am, three and a half hours later that I usually send out my Newsletters.

I do not like working like this and it “gums up the machinery” something chronic.

Tomorrow I will not be able to produce my FREE Stuff as I’ll be heading down to Cheltenham for a days racing and meeting some of the Post Racing members. Looking forward to that, whatever the weather!

If you are going, my plan is to meet up by the Best Mate statue at 11-30am so, pop over and say hello!


I’m looking only at the Market for your free advice today and I’ll put the mockers on COPPER GONE WEST, who runs in the Doncaster 3-30pm.

I’d not be looking to play at Bangor-On-Dee. Can it really be only good to soft at Cheltenham, given the rain in that area yesterday?


Have you made your entry yet?

Only entries made on the Forum count for competition purpose and you can enter by clicking here

The five games chosen are:


All you have to do is predict whether they will be a home win, an away win, or a draw.

You need to have made your entry by 2-55pm tomorrow afternoon.

Time is very much pushing on and the first race goes off soon so I’ll leave it there and cross everything that horse wins for you!

Have a great day!!

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