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Racing will now go through its quiet spell as horses are inoculated against flu and confined to stables so that’s going to leave me very little to work with for the next couple of weeks.

I’m not doing FREE Stuff Newsletters of a weekend now as I’m simply to busy working of the racing for my subscribed membership. This is paying off in spades and we had a cracking good Saturday.

I’ve been telling you how well the Market Movers section has been performing and yet again we struck gold with IT’SONLYROCKNROLL winning @ 12/1.

Wincanton was simply brilliant for us, all Rated races there producing profit and SIR IVAN our biggest priced winner on the day @ 16/1.

MOLINEAUX was top rated, advised a “market mover”, and duly landed the profits, too.

I advised PINCH OF GINGER was the most likely winner of the Newcastle 12-25….won 7/2, and the last of the three rated races on that card produced a top three 1-2 when GENNADY (11/2), beat CRACKDELOUST (20/1), into second place.

It is fair to say that the work being put in is being rewarded.


I need you to help me raise £20,000 for horse racing charities and to do this, all you need to do is sign up for my 2020 Specials.

I’ve three options that you can view by clicking here

Every penny that comes in from now onwards, for my Specials, goes to racing charities and how I’d like to do this is for you to pick one of the following:


When you have your favourite selected, visit that link I’ve provided and you’ll see those four option with a red DONATE link, which takes you directly to their donation pages.

There you can make your donation, add Gift Aid (if eligible) and then send me your receipt. I’ll then enter your details into the databases for the Specials option you have selected.

I do not want to see a single penny of your donations. If you wish to split your donation between all four, feel free….then send me your four receipts.

I need these to a) let me know which Special option you have selected and b) enable me to keep a running total.


My top rated horse in the Chepstow 3-30, DORKING COCK, is being backed as if defeat is out of the question.

Like I say, with so very little to work with today, all I can do is put that on your plate and hope both my figures and the markets are correct.

I’ll be back tomorrow with what I can find but as I say, we are dealing with poor racing right now, as those inoculations for the better ones kick in.

Have a great day!

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