Today’s FREE Stuff 07/01/20

A very nice winner for this section yesterday.

So, what is it going to take to get our unsubscribed members to get involved, and help us to reach those goals we have set ourselves?

Great prizes do not seem to be helping me, how could you not want to win a share in The Closutton Racing Club, or win a table for four at the Cheltenham Festival, or go to the Breeders Cup, head off to Melbourne for their Gold Cup?

The FREE Stuff is getting lots of visits every day now and I guess that tells me a tale.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had to do some thinking about how I want to work regarding the website. It costs money to keep everything in place and when I saw my visitor numbers, and read the e-mails from members (subscribed and non-subscribed), advising me they could not get on because we’d basically exceeded our bandwidth, my initial reaction was to get quotes for upgrading on that front.

But then I thought, if all the majority want if FREE Stuff, that’s not viable.

I also revisited my original thinking that I only want 1000 subscribed members anyway so once that has been achieved, and I’m confident those 1000 people are here because it’s the projects we work on that appeals, and not trying to get rich quick off the back of an”acca”, then the doors are closed.

So, over the weekend just gone I made a decision and by the end of January everything will be as I want it.

My apologies to all that only require FREE Stuff but in all honesty, if that was all anyone wanted, then it would cost me money to produce/provide it.

Thankfully, I have a hard core of members that do “get it” and are looking to go to places they could not even dream of, on their own.

The FREE Stuff will, therefore, cease on 31/01/20.

I will consider putting in place a subscription option that enables everyone to access something (including Tony’s football work and the Forum competitions), for a nominal subscription fee each month.


The racing is absolute pants right now due to the reasons explained yesterday, but that did not stop us finding a winner.

DORKING COCK won as easy as my figures and the market suggested he would do and I hope you were on.

I mentioned to my subscribed membership recently that when Harry Fry’s horses are Market Movers, I’d make sure they were made aware of it.

Today my FREE Stuff is two from his yard that are attracting money:

GREEN DOLPHIN (Taunton 1-00)
SHALL WE GO NOW (Taunton 2-00)

Best of luck today!

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