Today’s FREE Stuff 08/01/20

A lovely 4/1 winner from the two advices in the FREE Stuff yesterday.

I predicted we’d see a very good start to 2020 and that is exactly what has happened. The figures have been spot on, the Overnight Market Movers extremely profitable and everything is just as I want it.

Monitoring of the Post Racing Market Movers commenced 01/05/19 and at close of business 05/01/20 had produced a profit to Betfair SP of 225.66 points, after deductions.

To a level £10 stake they have produced a profit of £2256.60, a monthly “income” of £322.37

Site Membership costs just £250 per year (68.5p per day) so, if that monthly average is maintained, that’s an annual income of £3868.44….a profit then, of £3618.44 (£9.91 per day)….from the Market Movers section alone.

That’s not a bad swap! If someone came up to you in the street and said, “give me 70p and I’ll give you £10”, you would snap their hands off.


Yesterday I started working on the website, stripping back the Forum and creating a “subscribed members only” section.

The Forum is now going to become the focal point of the Post Racing website. I’ll post my figures up on there each day, the Market Movers, I’ve introduced Tony Davidson’s “The Goal Posts” section, but from the end of this month subscribed members only will have access to all of that stuff.

There will be plenty for non-subscribed members to get involved in, with free to enter Forum competitions but I have to now scale back on FREE Stuff, as we head into what will be the busiest year of my life, since I started doing this.

Unsubscribed members will be able to get involved in the many conversations and debates on the Forum, too. The “Laboratory” will see (hopefully), many of you testing out potential systems and that should make for interesting reading.

As I’ve said, the doors close on subscribed members, once we reach a membership of 1000 and I’m now just 277 short of that figure.

Once that figure has been reached, the benefits those members will receive will be something nobody else in racing provides.


Harry Fry has his horses absolutely motoring right now and we made profit from his runners again yesterday.

Today we have just AYR and your FREE Stuff selection today is:


As with DORKING COCK a couple of days ago, it’s a top rated horse that has also been introduced into my Market Movers section this morning.

Best of luck today!

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