Sunday , October 24 2021

The FREE Stuff 10/01/20

We have not had a losing day this week and everything is going brilliantly.

From Monday all FREE Stuff will go up on the Forum only so to read it, you will need to login.

I cam cutting right back on website content as I have two choices. Pay for more bandwidth, which is mostly taken up by people who do not make subscriptions to Post Racing, or pay for this from the subscription fees received.

I’ve therefore decided to shift all content based information to the Forum.

Today is busy, despite Huntingdon being called off and I’ve a host of Market Movers that have been sent out to my subscribers, plus three Sedgefield Rated races and I’m again looking for a horse that is in a Rated race, that is also fancied in the market….

INSTANT REPLAY (Sedgefield 2-00)

….fits the same bill as several others have done this week, and won.

I’m extremely busy with website work today and so I’ll leave it at that. You will now see the Forum become extremely busy as we migrate everything done here to that place so feel free to get involved in the PICK5 competition this weekend, join in the debates, and best of luck with your punting today.

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