Post Racing Market Movers – £661.90 profit to BFSP, November 1st to January 19th, 2020!

The road to profit from betting on horse racing requires patience, an ability to stick to a plan and, the best advice from which to make that profit.

Post Racing produces that information every day of the week and makes sure it’s members are fully informed via three Newsletters per day.

If you had simply placed £10 on each of our Market Movers, played to BFSP, then you will have made a profit of £661.90

That is equivalent to £3,000 per annum.

The Site Member package costs just £250 annually.

Do the maths!

We started recording the results produced by this section on May 1st and the average daily profit (£9+) has been maintained since that date, a total of around £2400 achieved.

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