Thursday , January 13 2022

The Post Racing 500 Words Competition

We now have a dedicated website for this initiative and if you have kids or grandkids aged between 5-13, please give them a pen and a piece of paper and get them to start constructing their story.

On the new website at you’ll find the rules, how to enter, hints, tips and clues and soon we’ll post up the prizes we are sponsoring.

The top 10 entries in each age group category will receive book tokens of varying value but their will also be prizes in place most kids would love to get a hold of!

As with everything we do here, we will use this to try and raise a few £’s for horse racing charities and invite those visiting the website to donate a few pennies to one or all four we support.

No pressure though, this is a bit of fun we are trying to put up for the lids, to stop them going mad being locked up for most of the day right now and it’s 100% free to enter.

Pass this message on and lets get hundreds, if not thousands, of kids “thinking”.

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