Thursday , January 13 2022

FREE TRIAL! Learn how we turned £1k into £40k in 104 weeks

You will not find details of Post Racing on those website promoting tipping services because I’m not looking to appeal to those punters who want a quick fix when it comes to winning bets.

If you genuinely do wish to learn how to make a profit from betting on horse racing please click the link at the bottom of this post and register for our FREE TRIAL.

Our FREE TRIAL commences June 1st. If racing does not start again on that date, then the FREE TRIAL will run from the first day racing does take place again, in the UK.

You will receive:

  1. Full daily ratings. This sees every handicap being run on the mainland, with *certain exceptions, delivered to your inbox the evening before racing.
  2. Market Movers was a hugely successful new system we introduced in 2019. A level £10 stake all Overnight Movers produced a profit of over £3k in less than a year, to BFSP
  3. Advice on how to work with the information provided each day.
  4. Access to The Post Racing Forum
  5. All the help you need to make it work for you.

This season I’m introducing a new format when it comes to presenting the Ratings to you.

You will be able to compare them to OR (Official ratings), and RPR (Racing Post Ratings).

To give you some idea as to how successful the Market Movers section can be, last NH season I produced the names of four horses running at Hereford:


2-20 – LITTLE BRIAN – 100/1 > 33/1 – WON
3-20 – ALNADAM – 9/4 > 6/4 – WON
3-50 – WAYFINDER – 4/1 > 2/1 – WON
4-20 – GO HARD OR GO HOME – 16/1 > 10/1 > 8/1 – WON

I received some amazing e-mails from members following that lot going in and, whilst this is not something that will happen often, you only need it to happen once a year to make a substantial profit from your betting.

I will never make false promises about anything when it comes to investments because only those tipsters looking to fleece you do such things but, if you follow the rules you will, long term ,make a profit from your betting.

It is going to cost you absolutely nothing to paper trade for a month, and determine whether what Post Racing does is something you enjoy working with so, please, click on the link below and register now for that FREE TRIAL. When you arrive at the landing page, simply select the FREE TRIAL, top option, in the list of subscriptions available.


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