We sit, we wait and we go again from Wednesday

Nobody needs me to say anything with regards the weather we saw towards the end of last week It ruined the lot, both here and in Paris.

I had considered doing something with Stratford but as soon as I read their offerings on the BHA website, I changed my mind very quickly.

“We had 27mm of rain Friday/Saturday and a further 45mm in the last 24 hours. We may get another couple of mm this morning but that should be it now bar the odd light shower tomorrow afternoon. The track has taken it remarkably well, the 2M bend is heavy as is the back straight on the Chase track. The only concern is the level of the river is quite high and will continue to rise, we are monitoring this closely.”

They have also removed the last fence giving us a very long run in and it might well be they find ducks paddling past the winning line this morning, when they update a going stick reading last taken on Saturday morning!

That is no use to me whatsoever and I’ll simply advise we do absolutely nothing now until Wednesday.


If, after what you witnessed yesterday, you are still only “considering ” joining The Clover Club, then you most likely will not do so. In four years you will look back and give yourself an almighty good kicking!

As you know, I visited Dublin late last year to meet the guy responsible for the running of The Closutton Racing Club. The reason I wanted to do this was because he is also the man that will be sourcing our horses when we are finally able to do that. Seamus has connections to the right people, he knows horses, and I purchased shares in The Closutton Racing Club for Clover Club members. They are involved in six mares, in training with Willie Mullins.

Yesterday you saw a potential superstar running for Clover Club members.

SHEWEARSITWELL demolished a seriously strong field in a hack canter. That was a Grade 3 Novice Hurdle and afterwards, she was halved in price for the Mares at Cheltenham next March. Willie Mullins was interviewed afterwards and quoted as saying she’s amongst his best novices this year.

She is related to ANNIE POWER and I mentioned this to you at the time I got members involved in this syndicate. I know as well as anyone that means not a lot until they do it on the track but she is now unbeaten in three is 7/1 for a race at the Cheltenham Festival and her next target is likely to be the Royal Bond Hurdle and if you look back through the names of the winners of that race, you will see it is littered with Champion Hurdlers like Istabraq and Hurricane Fly amongst them.

In addition, Clover Club members are also involved in ROBINNIA. She is proving herself to be more than useful with two wins for us to date, including a 12 length demolition job of her rivals on September 29th.

When the winter ground arrives, The Clover Club members will have four more running for them, including LOWES BOREEN, who they like a lot.

My mission here is to do three things. I want to take my membership to places they’ll never go alone, as owners. I want to make sure the layers pay you back your subscription fees plus add profit to that outlay but, most importantly from my own perspective, to make sure the charities that support those in racing, are supported themselves.

You will have read the full plans for The Clover Club. You know what’s involved and whilst it’s flattering that people worry after my health and ask what happens if I pop my clogs between “now and then”, I say back, if I was 30, fit as a flea and got hit by a bus tomorrow….life is life. I look forward, I do not do “what ifs”, I put goals in place, go for them and no matter how long something might take, I will arrive at the destination.

Karen will tell you, when it comes to stubborn I make a mule look positively weak in a finish!

My intention now is to obtain horses to race in The Clover Club silks, that will be provided to us by the same people providing Willie Mullins with those you see running in The Closutton Racing Club colours. My end of the bargain is that I only send these horses to the top trainers over here because when they return to Ireland, they go to the paddocks with Black Type.

I want to see The Clover Club silks at a Cheltenham Festival. I want to be going to a Festival with a mare like SHEWEARSITWELL and we will do that. It doesn’t matter if it’s during this first four years,  or the four years that come after, it will happen.

And then, there is everything else that comes with being a Clover Club member….less than 70p per day? The bargain of your lifetime.

Once this Covid mess is cleared up and we can go back onto a racecourse, I will be organising a day out for all of my members….Clover Club, 500 Club, Site Members, Weekend Club and anyone else who might like to come along. We will have a facility in place that will offer us a bit of comfort, something to eat and we’ll invite the four main charities supported currently to come along and give them their first donations.

So, still not up for getting involved?

Have a great day…see you later!

Kindest regards


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