Tuesday , October 19 2021

Win a share in Walk On High or one of many fabulous prizes, and support racing’s charities!

Post Racing is looking to raise £000’s over the next eight months for charities both horse racing and non-horse racing related.

We will be sponsoring some fabulous prizes (details below), and inviting those charities to promote this initiative to their supporters.

The idea is the supporters of those charities make a direct donation to them, adding Gift Aid if they qualify to do so. We at Post Racing do not want to see a penny piece of those donations.

Once a donation has been made, the person donating would send their donation receipt to us at Post Racing and we will then allocate them a raffle ticket and place it into the tombola ready for the draw that will take place in October (Covid permitting!). You will be kept regularly informed, via Newsletter, of the monies being raised, and of the additional prizes being added to the list (see below for further details).

The 10 main prizes are quite simply outstanding:

  • A share in WALK ON HIGH, trained by Harry Fry. Our winner will own this share for as long as the horse is in training with Harry and Post Racing will cover all annual costs. In addition, we will organise an overnight stay at a hotel local to Harry’s yard, and a stable visit to see your horse. And there is more….every time the horse races Post Racing will book a table for two at the racecourse restaurant for you to enjoy a proper day out!
  • iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, Apple pencil
  • Camera (a very nice SLR)
  • 55″ LG Television
  • XBox
  • Selection of quality kitchen equipment
  • Bose Home Speaker 500
  • Home printer
  • Binoclulars
  • Nespresso coffee machine

In addition (I always try to squeeze the pips), every Saturday, for 52 Saturdays, we’ll draw another 10 tickets from the drum and those lucky enough to win will receive things like Costa Coffee vouchers.

Tickets will be £5 but nobody should make that payment to Post Racing. We are currently getting charities on board, who will be able to use this as a vehicle to raise funding and I want those looking to buy tickets to donate directly to those charities, adding Gift Aid if they are eligible to do so.

Once a donation has been made you forward your receipt to me and I allocate a raffle ticket to you.

Something else I’m going to do….

Those kind enough to donate £10 or more per month to The World Of Sport, will see 50% of that donation put in a charity pot, the other 50% being used to pay young aspiring sports journalists to write articles for you. Those that provide betting advice will have their work sent out to donators via Newsletter….and this will also include the work I produce on a daily basis, for that website.

This will attract an additional raffle ticket per month for February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September….eight additional chances to win that amazing first prize.

I’m setting no targets with regards the amount I want to raise but if you would be so kind as to get involved, get a friend involved….and they then do the same….we should raise a fair few £’s.

T&C’s to follow!

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  1. Hi Ron Sorry to be a nuisance I know you got a lot on your plate at the moment and condolences to you and your family in your sad loss ,but I seem to have the same problem to access the website ,it is telling me to log on when I am trying to access the today’s ratings I can access the forum the raffle and everything else on the website but the problem is seems it not letting to get today’s ratings .Hope you can clarify this error,Take care and stay safe Bob Cotterill.

    • Hi Bob….I’m on it. I’m not sure why some members are having a problem whilst most are not but we’ll get to the bottom of it!

      Kindest regards


    • Just to say, Bob, I’ve added nothing to the website that is not in your Newsletters today.

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