Cheltenham Festival Testimonials

by | May 7, 2024

Just some of the many messages received following the Wednesday of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival.

Dave….”Because of your two magnificent late day picks ( I got 34/1 and 26/1 ) I made nearly half toward full membership.”

Paul…. “Some fantastic profiling today ‘ I’m totally over the moon as I won €2600 for a €20 stake with doing 10 × 50c ew doubles and 10 × 50c ew trebles . Thanks for all your hard work Ron and I’m looking forward to punting for the rest of the week.”

Kev…. “Two words……….Fantastic profiling! Well I could add more, genius etc. Unfortunately I was in meetings today and so missed the chance to cheer them home, but what a great surprise I had when I got home and checked the results. I recall from the past you’ve mentioned that you try and put a little aside for your sensory garden and to help the “boys and girls” in the various yards, injured jockey’s etc. I’d like to make a little donation out of my winnings, they’re not massive but they’re going to guarantee me a winning Cheltenham! How can I make a donation?”

Podcast 05/04/24

Bob Champion says….


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