Niall and Wayne wrote to us on March 23rd, 2014

by | May 7, 2024

Hi Ron!

Hope all is good. Just a quick mail to say well done and thank you for the ratings today. To explain how I read and worked them would take an eternity so I’ll just break down the bets I did…

Treble: Keeneland (a favourite of mine) 12/1, Petite Rose 12/1 and Roalco de Farges 9/2
E/w Singles: Keeneland 12/1, Petite Rose 12/1 and Overpriced 33/1
Win Single: Roalco de Farges
RFC Keeneland 12/1, Overpriced 33/1
Doubles: Keeneland & Petite Rose. Roalco & Petite Rose. Roalco & Keeneland

And an e/w treble on the “Of Interest” horses.

Maybe I was lucky to pick the right ones from your advice but I couldn’t have done it alone. Lets just say that my “bank manager” is a happy woman tonight 😀

Can’t wait for the flat season with you. Thanks again for a great service.

Very best regards,



Hi Ron,

I went through your ratings once again on Saturday, it’s my w/end treat.

Picked 3 top rated that were also fancied e/w in the Daily Mirror and put them in a Patent.

Keeneland – Roalco De Farges and Douchkirk. In that race Osgood was screaming at me because of the * but I stuck with the Mirror….needless to say, I hit the bar but I thought it was close enough to press the DONATE button as a thank you.

Love using the ratings to go along with what I also like the look of. Have a tickle today in the same manner, hope I can donate again on Monday!

Cheers, keep up the good work.


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