So, what is Post Racing all about?

A number of years ago (2004), I started producing private handicap figures and gave them away totally free of charge to anyone who wanted to use them. They proved so accurate that, within a couple of months, I had set up my first website and provided them away from the Forum environment in which I had been working.

I had the notion that I might be able to do some good with them and so contacted a few horse racing related charities:


Two provided me with official fundraising status.

The plan was to provide my work free of charge Sunday to Friday and ask that those using them make a small donation come the Saturday.

I quickly built up a following of some 4000 people who all saw value in MY work. Unfortunately, come the day, the most that donated on a single Saturday was 88. After some head scratching and talking to others, Post Racing was born but I insisted, if we were going down a subscription route, those subscribing had to be given value for money.

I mooted the 500 Club and, to be honest, they thought I was mad. The range of benefits offered would require some serious number crunching when it came to delivering them but, a year on, 500 Club members had visited the winner’s enclosure, own a share in a horse, Grandorio, that landed them a substantial gamble.

The best though, was yet to come.

Many of the membership had a great time at Redcar when Hiddon Coin became the first winner for the club.

The ambition of some of my members to help me achieve the success and aims of the project quite simply make me blush. That they pay to be a part of it and then spend hours promoting it to others, going out of their way to raise the profile of Post Racing assures us we have got this right and that we will achieve the goals we have set for ourselves regarding charitable donations and the completion of those big projects, such as the Clatterbridge Rehabilitation Sensory Garden.

The aims and ambitions are to raise £1,000,000 for those charities we support, whilst providing our members with the very best quality service available, taking you racing as owners at racecourses of a Saturday that they could only previously dream of.

The Bob Champion Cancer Trust was first on board and Post Racing still works tirelessly to support what is a terrific cause, run by terrific people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob himself following a fund raising raffle at a hotel near Ascot, on the day they ran their last meeting at that track before the rebuild.

In 2013 we loaned our own racehorse, ROSIE’S LADY, to Bob for his Legends race at Aintree and our members went racing on Grand National day, as owners. How many reading this can say they have, or will ever do that!

The Trust is one of the four charities currently supported and, as we grow, the number of charities we can help will increase year on year.

The second charity to provide me with official fund-raising status was Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses and Special Needs Children.

The people at this Marlborough based establishment work absolute wonders. I have been down on two occasions to witness their Charity days and seen many of the old horses that used to carry my shekels when running at tracks up and down the country.

From e-mails and messages received, Post Racing knows just how much the efforts of our members means to Greatwood and for sure, we will not stint in our efforts to make sure their horses and those special needs children are helped as much as is possible.

A few years ago I visited Newmarket to meet with Richard Negus, he formerly of Racing Welfare.

For reasons explained they cannot give us official fund raising status due to the nature of some of the work we provide to punters. That matters not though and we will work every bit as hard for the people that work inside the industry because we know that they work ridiculously hard for little by way of reward, all in their efforts to give us a good day out.

We hope, after reading the above, you see fit to join those people already signed up to what is, without a doubt, the most forward thinking horse racing website in the country.


I like to call every penny that comes in a donation. The first thing we do with your money is set aside 10% of it for charitable purposes. That is given to the charities we support, and used to support projects outside of racing, that our members are involved in. We help our members when something hits them hard.

The donations pay to keep everything afloat at this end and I keep the amount requested from members down to as low as I can get it. It’s not about making a profit!

I ask £35 per month for THE WORKS package, or £380 annually.

This is what my members receive every day:


I then look to have the layers pay for everything through the work I produce daily.

An example of what goes out can be found on this website by clicking HERE

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If you have any questions at all you might like answered before joining us, please do not hesitate in contacting me