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Grand National

Tiger Roll, will he or won't he?

TBH, I thought it was bad form of Gigginstown to try and influence the handicapper like they did. I personally think he's on a fair mark considering his last 2 runs in the race! Read a lot in the last few days regarding his mark compared to previous winners/runners and the fact that the Aintree course "ain't what it used to be" Lots of people saying the best run they've seen was Crisp, who was giving Red Rum 23lbs to only a length or so. Bit before my time I'm afraid, so can't comment. Since the move to the current start time, have actually missed it a couple of times. I don't back heavily and absolutely don't do AntePost in this race.

Also read today, that if Native River wins the Gold Cup, he won't be racing in the National, as he gives his all!!! Hmmmmm, that tells me that Dickie Johnson will have been told to "ease home" if he can't win. So I'd guess you need to have Native River on the nose rather than EW!!

Tiger Roll is only a small horse and I think this years national will be a lot more competitive that the two years he has won it.

He'll have a mountain to climb of the weight allocated.

Crisp's run was unreal, Warren. The poor horse was absolutely legless from the elbow though, and was going up and down on the spot as he passed the post.

Regarding Native River, in my opinion by the time he's beaten at Cheltenham, they'll have jumped the last and he'll have given it everything. It's not like he'll be beaten three out and then allowed to coast.

I cannot see him running in both, unless he falls early at Cheltenham.....and how likely is that??

Much though Red Rum is beloved, I remember Crisp and watching the race, and even now, when I see footage, I still will him on like nothing on earth. Heart still breaks for him

It's one of those races you watch over and over, Gary, and come away feeling the real winner came second.

But it spawned the greatest Grand National story of them all, so good came out of it.


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