Friday , September 18 2020

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Hi lads any footy bets this weekend ?

Why not use the telegram messaging service to let us know whether theres football bets on or not.  Just something like "NO BETS TODAY"  or "BET ON TODAY TEAM A versus TEAM B"  In fact it could be used for all messages.

Morning, gents

I think I've mentioned in a Newsletter before that if Tony has not posted anything up between 11-00am and noon, then nothing will be going up.

I think I'm right in saying that the Premier League sides on on their winter breaks and yesterday their were just two Premier League games taking place?

Last week he ignored the Saturday games and did one for the Sunday so perhaps that's his plan again this weekend? Same again today though, just two games talking place.

I'll have a word with Tony and ask him if he could post up in future that he's not doing a game, and why.

I'll have a look at Telegram and see if there is an admin facility I can add Tony to, so he can send out a message.

You could give him the phone numbers of the people who want to be informed about the football and let him set up his own group.  You have my permission to give Tony my phone number if you do.  ?.

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