Thursday , April 15 2021

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Today’s Ratings, OMM’s and BF’s 15/04/21

When I was producing my “scribblings” for the Beverley 4-00pm yesterday, I said this: “SCRIBBLINGS: Just seven previous running’s of this race and to date I’d suggest stats tell me we need a 5+ year old onside, trading first five on the tissue, drawn low and I’m seeing no qualifiers.” …

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Today’s Ratings, OMM’s and BF’S 14/04/21

The BF trialling is interesting and we’ve a thread running on the Forum if you fancy keeping up to speed with that experiment. I’m going to spend more time working on racing in the first Newsletter each day, keeping waffle to a minimum….you don’t really want to know about the …

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Today’s Ratings, OMM’s and BF’s 13/04/21

An interesting day for the Ratings, especially those Class 5 and big field races I produced figures for, for monitoring purposes: WINDSOR 3-10 (CLASS 5 – 13 RUNNERS) * – THE JEAN GENIE….+3 (OMM) – BRAINS….-8 (BF), * – STOPNSEARCH….-19 H – THORN….-27 * – DOUBLE REFLECTION….-27 (OMM) – TORBELLINO….-33 …

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