The Post Racing Podcast 29/05/20

Post Racing
Post Racing
The Post Racing Podcast 29/05/20

The Post Racing Podcast returns after an absence of six years and, whilst you can clearly hear the nuts are rusty, as they warm up Ron and Sean start to get right into it.

This time next month we’ll see polished performances from them, with winners aplenty.

Today they offer up some thoughts on day one of what is going to be a weird season, the 2000Gns, the Ebor and provide you with one horse each, that you should follow this season.

Feel free to leave a comment but hey, be gentle, it’s two of the more seasoned of our population trying to impart some racing words of wisdom….could be they turn out to be more Norman Wisdom but, we tried!

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  1. Gordon Simpson

    I remember the past podcasts Ron. Would never have said it was 6 years ago. How time flies.

  2. Hi Ron,
    Nice to hear some comments from a real punters point of view. Which will obviously improve when the ‘proper’ racing starts (turf)

    Look forward to the seasons podcasts.

    regards Doug

    • Thanks, Doug

      Sean and I will improve as we get the old cogs oiled again, too! This was a last minute decision to do this one and the topics were sorted at 9-30am!

      More prep time will lead to a much improved product and we’ll have some fun with these.

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