I recently posted up WALDKONIG, and his demolition job at Wolverhampton in December last year was, I’m sure, supposed to have been echoed by this one, when he too ran at Wolverhampton on the 27th of that month….also trained by John Gosden. This December, be sure to watch those unarmed juveniles he sends to Wolverhampton and when all eyes are glued on races like the Welsh National, he’ll be blooding one we can expect to hear a whole lot more about in 2021.


I doubt anyone reading will remember but, this was one of my All Weather Market Movers that day:

I forget absolutely nothing, and I watched that race, saw a horse so green that I wondered what the move was all about! He went straight into my notebook.

He ended up shortening still further that afternoon and went off the 11/10 favourite but he missed the break, was hampered when trying to make his run and it was basically “one of those days”.

Read the race readers comments:

This fella cost $1,600,000 as a yearling and whilst they will have wanted to win this race, he ended up simply being “educated”.

The money was down that day and I have absolutely no doubt it was simply lent.