Post Racing figures are used by all kinds of people, from TV and radio pundits, tabloid and broadsheet tipsters, professional punters, those looking to make second income from their betting and those bettors that simply do it for the sheer fun of it.

Many have, over the years, been kind enough to let me know what they think of what I do and invited me to share those words with people looking at joining us, who might need to get a feel for what goes on here.

Patrick Weaver, The Scout (Daily Express), says of Ron’s work:

“Ron’s figures stack up and enable punters to make a profit out of the game. I recommend their use and am always pleased when his top-rated horse is the one I have tipped for the race. We come at our selections from a different way, and I feel my tip has a stamp of approval if it is number one with Ron.”

Rory Delargy of Sporting Life says:

Rory Delargy

“I’ve been aware of Ron’s ratings for several years and it’s clear from some of the left-field winners he finds that he’s not only confident going against the crowd in his methodology but also willing to mine seams of information which most of us overlook in our haste. His figures are always worth a second look.”

Just some of the many messages received following the Wednesday of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival.

Dave….”Because of your two magnificent late day picks ( I got 34/1 and 26/1 ) I made nearly half toward full membership.”

Paul…. “Some fantastic profiling today ‘ I’m totally over the moon as I won €2600 for a €20 stake with doing 10 × 50c ew doubles and 10 × 50c ew trebles . Thanks for all your hard work Ron and I’m looking forward to punting for the rest of the week.”

Kev…. “Two words……….Fantastic profiling! Well I could add more, genius etc.

Unfortunately I was in meetings today and so missed the chance to cheer them home, but what a great surprise I had when I got home and checked the results.

I recall from the past you’ve mentioned that you try and put a little aside for your sensory garden and to help the “boys and girls” in the various yards, injured jockey’s etc. I’d like to make a little donation out of my winnings, they’re not massive but they’re going to guarantee me a winning Cheltenham! How can I make a donation?”

Chris….” Wow Ron…
You are not human! Absolutely phenomenal information…

You are a genius

Keep up the good work mate”

Adrian….” Hi Ron

Once again absolutely awesome advice for Cheltenham. Thank you very much ?

I bet you have had so many marriage proposals today any Mormon would be jealous haha.

Best Regards


Liam…. “Good Evening,

Well done today fantastic work, unfortunately I didn’t back the FRED winter or bumper winner but a friend of mine who read your profiling did and would like to make a small donation if you could direct me in the right direction.

Many thanks


Nathan….” Ron, I salute you. Fantastic work

Good luck for the last two days


Tony….” Well what can I say.

Much respect my friend.”

Davy….” Well done today Ron and thanks.
Veneer of charm and relegate for me.



Many members through the years, that are still with us, have said the following:

Niall and Wayne wrote to us on March 23rd, 2014

Hi Ron!

Hope all is good. Just a quick mail to say well done and thank you for the ratings today. To explain how I read and worked them would take an eternity so I’ll just break down the bets I did…

Treble: Keeneland (a favourite of mine) 12/1, Petite Rose 12/1 and Roalco de Farges 9/2
E/w Singles: Keeneland 12/1, Petite Rose 12/1 and Overpriced 33/1
Win Single: Roalco de Farges
RFC Keeneland 12/1, Overpriced 33/1
Doubles: Keeneland & Petite Rose. Roalco & Petite Rose. Roalco & Keeneland

And an e/w treble on the “Of Interest” horses.

Maybe I was lucky to pick the right ones from your advice but I couldn’t have done it alone. Lets just say that my “bank manager” is a happy woman tonight:D

Can’t wait for the flat season with you. Thanks again for a great service.

Very best regards,



Hi Ron,

I went through your ratings once again on Saturday, it’s my w/end treat.

Picked 3 top rated that were also fancied e/w in the Daily Mirror and put them in a Patent.

Keeneland- Roalco De Farges and Douchkirk. In that race Osgood was screaming at me because of the * but I stuck with the Mirror….needless to say, I hit the bar but I thought it was close enough to press the DONATE button as a thank you.

Love using the ratings to go along with what I also like the look of. Have a tickle today in the same manner, hope I can donate again on Monday!

Cheers, keep up the good work.


Tony, a relatively new 500 Club member, e-mailed us (14/11/11) after he had been receiving Ron’s figures for just a few weeks:

Hi Ron

I just wanted to give you my experience with your rating service, please feel free to use it as a testimonial if you wish to do so.

I have been using your figures since the summer to my profit.  I stopped using them on your advice during October and started using them again in November.

I dutch all of your selections every day whether you personally like the race or not and where your third and fourth rated come out to the same figure, I also include the 4th horse meaning I dutch 4 horses in that race. I also bet on your ‘Of Interest’ horses and I follow your instructions to the letter on these i.e Win, 20/80 or place.  I will also be betting all of the 20 to follow horses when they run – great start on Saturday with Hinterland.

My stake is £50 per bet. So I split my £50 across the dutching horses using a dutching calculator, and split my £50 as appropriate on the ‘Of Interest’ horses.

I keep a detailed spreadsheet of all of my bets and so far this month I have made a profit of £2221.56.  I do all of my betting on Betfair.

Many thanks for such a first class service.

Best wishes,

Tony Ward

John Cave, 500 Club member, has very kindly written

They say that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but anyone who has had dealings with Ron Robinson knows that is not the case!

I first came upon Ron’s work in the pages of the lately lamented SPORTSMAN paper many years ago. Having been involved for 40 years in a sport that involves a lot of statistics I was fascinated by Ron’s in depth analysis of fairly mundane races. More impressive to me was the fact that Ron showed it is possible to make a profit, which came as a complete surprise to me!

However, what really amazed me was that Ron was prepared to give all this information for free and 6 years later is still doing the same to some degree ! He has now turned his attention to helping Charities within the Racing industry and I urge anyone reading this to help him in whatever way possible.

John Cave-  40 years Golf Professional- 6 years winning gambler!

Peter Colledge, 500 Club Members advises

I have known of Ron Robinson for some years, and for much of that time, he has provided anyone with a computer, with a daily set of racing selections, completely free of charge, except for his Saturday selections. These have been priced at whatever the recipient has chosen to donate, all monies so collected going to various horse and jockey charities that Ron has picked. Ron’s selections are backed, not only by the stats Ron works with, but also by his prognosis of how each race will pan out. I cannot count the number of times Ron’s predictions prove correct, nor the number of winners he has picked; what I can tell you is that you cannot fail to make money with Ron’s selections. He is one of the best tipsters around. I personally feel absolutely safe backing Ron’s tips, for two reasons. The first is that Ron himself is his severest critic…you may have had contrary ideas about a particular race but have kept them to yourself. Ron never does this…your negative thoughts will be in the next day’s analysis of results. And the second reason is Ron’s approachability; every time I have had a need to communicate, Ron’s response has been rapid and precise. Finally, with the new structure of the 500 Club in place, now is an exciting time to be joining the club. Get involved and revel in the daily analysis. RON and RONSEAL…both do exactly what it says on the tin. By the way, this analysis comes from an ordinary punter betting daily with small amounts, but Post Racing can be used by all.

Mathias Baumann, 500 Club member writes

As you know I’m only a member of the 500 Club for the last couple of month but did use your figures occasionally for a while before. These are by far the best and most accurate figures in horse racing I ever came across As for the 500 Club it’s the best value for money membership you can imagine, not only you become all these amazing figures delivered to your mailbox every morning, you also can fulfill your dream of a part-ownership of a race horse trained by one of the coming stars, you raise money for charities, play the Tote “10 to follow” and the lottery and have the chance to visit sponsored races and races were your “own” horses run. It sounds to good to be true but is a genuine and honest service provided for the love of horse racing!

Paul Chaurley (25/05/16) kindly e-mailed to say:

“Absolutely brilliant service and never seen anything like it picking out nice price horses and the place betting side of picking up profits is again bang on”