A very warm welcome to the Post Racing website.

My name is Ron Robinson and for the last 15 years I have been producing my own private handicap figures (Ratings), and sending them out daily to those kind enough to subscribe for them.

We have two aims here, the first to aid racing charities, the second to ensure the layers cover your subscription fees.

When you subscribe to Post Racing 10% of your subscription fees are set aside to aid those charities we support, plus also ensure projects outside of racing get completed, too.

I could wax lyrical about the quality of my work but I have a dislike of blowing my own trumpet. Others have though, been kind enough to send me e-mails and messages following a days racing, agreeing to my using them as testimonials:

Kev…. “Two words……….Fantastic profiling! Well I could add more, genius etc.

Unfortunately I was in meetings today and so missed the chance to cheer them home, but what a great surprise I had when I got home and checked the results.

I recall from the past you’ve mentioned that you try and put a little aside for your sensory garden and to help the “boys and girls” in the various yards, injured jockey’s etc. I’d like to make a little donation out of my winnings, they’re not massive but they’re going to guarantee me a winning Cheltenham! How can I make a donation?”

Rory Delargy of William Hill Radio says:

“I’ve been aware of Ron’s ratings for several years and it’s clear from some of the left-field winners he finds that he’s not only confident going against the crowd in his methodology but also willing to mine seams of information which most of us overlook in our haste. His figures are always worth a second look.”

You can view those, and more, by visiting the Testimonials page.